SMS in Action Crowdmap

The SMS in Action map is built on Ushahidi’s publicly available Crowdmap platform.  The purpose of the map is to explore and identify interesting and innovative ways SMS text messaging is being used for socially beneficial purposes around the world.  Originally intended to serve as a clearinghouse of SMS-based projects and programs, the sheer number of applications worldwide soon overwhelmed our ability to keep pace – as well as our desire to avoid redundant listings.  If you are aware of unique or interesting applications of SMS-based messaging that serve the public good please let us know through our “Leave a Reply” form below.  Alternatively, you may go directly to our SMS in Action Crowdmap and submit your own report!

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SMS in Action Crowdmap

Sample Program Listing

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Uganda - Child Health & Early Infant HIV Diagnosis - Text to Change | SMS in Action
Photo Courtesy of Text to Change