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Lookout Call – Lone Worker Safety Program

C3 is a company based in Cambridge, England specializing in lone worker safety and security services. The company recently added SMS messaging to its mobile-based Lookout Call system designed to ensure that lone workers, late workers or home workers are always accounted for. The Lookout Call system can alert colleagues immediately if a worker is overdue from an appointment, or requires emergency assistance.

The SMS-based system automatically sends a text to the lone worker at predetermined intervals reminding them to update their job status, which can be done by simply replying to the message. If a worker fails to respond to an SMS message the information is registered in real-time on the platform’s web portal to alert colleagues. The platform can then automatically send additional alert messages to colleagues via telephone, email or SMS message.

Lone or independent workers can also register a job by texting “Start Job” and specific details to the platform. The platform will log in the job and automatically send the worker regular SMS messages to confirm their status. When the job is complete the worker texts “Job Complete”.

An additional safety feature of the system is the “danger word” capability. If the lone worker includes the “danger word” in a text message it alerts colleagues to a problem. Conversely, if a previously agreed upon “danger word” is omitted from a message it can also signify a problem and initiate a follow-up or response by colleagues or administrators.

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